About project and team

savED is a charity foundation aiming to restore and improve educational infrastructure of Ukrainian cities destroyed by the russian army in its unprovoked brutal war against Ukrainian nation.

When Chernihiv was bombed and shelled every day, residents were saved by shelters in educational institutions.

  • 13,000 m2 of broken windows.
  • Shell holes in the roofs.
  • Crushed boiler rooms.
  • Destroyed equipment.

Two schools were completely destroyed to the ground. High-powered bombs were systematically dropped on them by the russian aviation.

Several kids have been killed by russians while trying to evacuate from the Chernihiv.

This is a high price that the city paid to prevent the russian army from advancing towards Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities.

The former Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Anna Novosad, together with the savED team, set the goal of restoring the city’s educational infrastructure and resuming children’s right to education.

savED was created in close partnership with GoGlobal and NGO Osvit.

“For me, the Chernihiv region is a northern fortress that, with the lives of its residents, prevented a further attack on my home, on Kyiv. I am deeply grateful to the city and owe so much to its people for they did to save the rest of Ukraine. Helping Chernihiv to recover is the least we can do to say thank you” – Anna Novosad, co-founder of savED

This website is funded by the Embassy of Finland in Ukraine and developed by NGO Osvit.

What we managed to do during the first year – in our report.

Anna Novosad, Co-founder of Charity Fund savED, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine (2019-2020)

Anna Putsova, Operational Head of Charity Fund savED

Liliia Drozdyk, Communication Head of Charity Fund savED

Olenka Severenchuk, Head of Charity Fund savED

Ksana Nechyporenko, Co-founder of Charity Fund savED, Head of GoGlobal

Iryna Dasiuk, Project Manager of Charity Fund savED

Tetyana Kovryga, Operational director of GoGlobal

Liubov Zaliubovska, Head of Education, GoGlobal