At approximately 5 am on February 24, 2022, russia launched a full-scale military invasion of the territory of independent Ukraine.
At the cost of the lives of its residents and the destroyed infrastructure, Chernihiv held back the advance of the russian invaders on Kyiv.
Starting from February 24 and until the beginning of April, Chernihiv was shelled by artillery and bombed by aircraft every day.
Before the full-scale war, more than 280,000 residents lived in Chernihiv.
There were 34 schools (more than 30,000 students).
2 schools were completely ruined.

25 of them were significantly damaged.

School #18

On March 3, a high-powered aerial bomb was deliberately dropped on School #18. The school is destroyed and cannot be rebuilt.

School #20

In early March, russian troops directly shelled the school. One of the shells hit the roof of the sports hall, and the rest of them landed a few feet away from the school walls, severely damaging the surfaces of its building.


School №31

The computer science office of school #31 no longer has a roof, as it was сrashed through by a russian artillery shell. Shells and their fragments also damaged other premises of the school. The equipment and most of the windows are now broken.

School #3

Chernihiv School #3, where 1719 children once studied. Three students of the school died while trying to evacuate from the city. The school saved hundreds of lives by sheltering more than 300 residents of the city in its bomb shelter.

School №29

A russian shell hit the roof of this school. Windows were broken and walls were severely damaged from shelling and blast waves.

Principal of School #3

“When a full-scale war broke out, people from all over the city flocked to us. Someone lived permanently, someone needed to spend the night in a safe place and then in the morning go to the evacuation buses, which picked up people not far from the school. Therefore, we brought everything that even remotely resembled a bed into the shelter. Old doors, chairs, tables, blankets. More than 320 people lived permanently in the school's shelter,“ recalls Olena, the principal of School #3.

Principal of School #19

"On March 6, the russians bombed our school 14 times with aviation and artillery. On March 12 and 15, cluster shells «fell» on us again. There were 550 people living in the basement of the school, and I stayed with them," says the principal of school #19, Mrs. Lyudmila.
Today, 180,000 residents live in Chernihiv. Among them there are 20,000 school-age children. Let’s give their childhood and the right to education back to them.

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